Victoria Camplin-Welch

I have practised as a registered clinical psychologist in New Zealand and overseas for over 20 years, within a variety of contexts, and with people from over 40 cultures.


Following the journey into the Self, and through the relational field, is my lifelong enquiry. It’s my raison’d’etre. I‘m deeply drawn to the ‘dance’ of our spiralling, unfolding processes, and more and more persuaded that the still places in between are where the treasure lies. To this end my endeavours have taken me through rich and varied frameworks, and onward from ‘story’ into the body and the felt sense.  


What I carry from these years of exploration, and of walking alongside my fellow-journeyers, is a humility and awe at the resilience of the human spirit. I continue to be in gratitude for the deep privilege of being able to facilitate, witness and share these inner journeys with their attendant vulnerabilities, profound struggles, extraordinary discoveries, and gentle unfoldings of awareness and acceptance. 


To each and every client I have worked with, I offer my sincere thanks. And to those I have yet to walk with, I look forward to sharing your dance, wherever the entry point might be .....