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Resource Design

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The resources below were created for the CALD and eCALD (Culturally and Lingustically Diverse) series. They were produced in my capacity as a consultant and as such copyright is vested in the funders - WDHB (Waitemata District Health Board), NDSA (New Zealand District Support Agency), and RASNZ (Refugees As Survivors), and cannot be displayed here in their entirety.
A few screen shots have been included below as examples, but for more detail on the resources please visit or contact me for further access and information
In 2015 these CALD learning programmes and resources were awarded national funding. They are now available to health professionals across the New Zealand health sector. Some of the programmes are being used internationally.
Online, digital and printed resources
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Interpreter Resource 1

Cross-cultural digital resource for Interpreters and Practitioners in Mental Health


Interpreter Resource 2

Learning Programme for Interpreters and Practitioners working together in Mental Health 


Resources for Culturally Diverse Workplaces 1 and 2

Cross-cultural digital resource on 14 cultures for Health Practitioners working with culturally and linguistically diverse clients

Also available in a printed version as a Cross-Cultural Toolkit ​


Resources for Culturally Diverse Workplaces 3

Learning Programme for Managing Cultural Diversity (Managers Working in a culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) health environment) 


Resources for Culturally Diverse Workplaces 4

Toolkit for Staff Working in a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Health Environment





CALD Learning/Teaching Programmes (7)

Face-to-face and online learning programmes


Culture and Cultural Competency

Working with Migrant Patients

Working with Refugee Patients

Working with Interpreters

Working with Religious Diversity

Working with CALD families - Disability Awareness

Working in a Mental Health Context with CALD clients



Culture-specific Resources (4 + 3)

These are online resources providing culture-specific information as supplements to the learning programmes


Working with Asian Mental Health Clients 

Working with Middle Eastern & African Mental Health Clients 

Working with Religious Diversity with Asian Clients

Working with CALD Families - Disability Awareness



Multimedia were provided for the following supplementary resources


CALD Older People Resource for Health Providers 

CALD Family Violence Resource: Working with Middle Eastern and African Clients

CALD Family Violence Resource: Working with African Clients







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