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Clinical Psychology

I spent my first 10 years as a psychologist and psychotherapist in private practice, in two multi-disciplinary therapy centres, which I co-founded.  I felt so fortunate to being doing work I loved and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.


After arriving in New Zealand my path found its own way into clinical management and into the refugee and migrant sector, the latter of which became a very rich and valued experience - both professionally and personally. A derth of relevant cross-cultural resources at the time led me into research and the development of these resources.


Producing video came next, spurred by a love of film and script writing, so after spending a year studying multimedia and editing I continued as a consultant to design resources and to produce videos, in my clinical capacity, for the next 8 years.


Meanwhile my passion for the inner landscapes has continued .... 



Below is an outline of my clinically related experience. For a CV please contact me at



Contexts within which I have worked

Personal private practice

Professional group practices x 2 (Co-founder of each)

Private health organization (as Centre Director)

NGO (as psychologist and Clinical Manager)

District health boards (Cultural Competency Specialist)

Consultant psychologist to various organizations and companies



Individual adults and adolescents



Groups, including large groups

Organizations and companies


Areas of specialization and interet

Cross-cultural issues in therapy (including 'somatization')

Torture and trauma 

Working with the refugee experience

Embodied awareness, mindfulness and the felt sense

Inner work and personal development

Somatic issues


Anxiety disorders

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Relationship issues

Dissociative disorders

Eating disorders

Personality disorders


Preferred approaches

Psychodynamic and body-based psychotherapy, process oriented therapies including Process Oriented Psychology and Core Process Psychology, Transpersonal psychotherapy, Jungian psychotherapy, Mindfulness and Awareness based therapies, Body-oriented therapies, Sandtray therapy.



I have recently de-registered from the NZ Psychology Board in order to pursue a growing interest in embodied awareness and the felt sense.




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