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Culture-specific Resources (4)


These are rich resources for health practitioners on cultural groups included in the CALD Learning Programmes. They can be accessed independently of the learning programmes although pre-requisite modules are required for some of them (see link below). 


They offer relevant demographics and background research, provide material on health beliefs and practices of each culture, and how these interact in clinical assessment, treatment and interventions. Material is also developed from focus groups and consultation with migrant and refugee representatives of different cultures living in New Zealand.


Case studies, clinical scenarios, cross-cultural assessment tools, questionnaires, tables and toolkits are integrated into the learning material. Multimedia includes video, audio, graphics, and interactive exercises. 


Cultures include Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Indian, Pakistani, Afghani, Iraqi, Iranian, Somali, Sudanese, Ethiopian, Eritrean, Burundi, Rwandan


Working with Asian Mental Health Clients 

Working with Middle Eastern & African Mental Health Clients 

Working with Religious Diversity with Asian Clients

Working with CALD Families - Disability Awareness

Maternal Health for CALD Women



Multimedia for additional resources (3)

Multimedia content includes culture-specific interviews, stories, practitioner/patient clincial vignettes, expert reflections or comments, interactive maps, graphics, and questions-and-answers


CALD Older People Resource for Health Providers 

CALD Family Violence Resource: Working with Middle Eastern and African Clients

CALD Family Violence Resource: Working with African Clients


Resources 1-5 researched, written and produced by Victoria Camplin-Welch

Resources 6-8 researched, written and produced by Sue Lim and Dr. Annette Mortensen

Videos and audios for all resources written, scripted and produced by Victoria Camplin-Welch

© Waitemata District Health Board (WDHB)

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